The Freecycle Project

The Freecycle Project is an act against our consumerist society by embracing the ideals of freecycling. The project will attempt to furnish a 2 bedroom apartment using only items that are freecycled, recycled, or purchased from garage sales/flea markets at $20 or less. Check back often to track our progress! Move in date: June 1/06

Monday, May 22, 2006

Expanding on the topic...

Laurie & I have started a new project: The Freecycle Project. Freecycle is an email list that runs in many cities that allows people to recycle items that they no longer want or need as opposed to throwing them out. Since we are moving soon, we mused it would be a great way to furnish an apartment. Thus, the Freecycle Project was born. It's a lot more than just a way to furnish the new place on the cheap. It's a rejection of the consumerist society that threatens to swallow us whole every day. Its about finding a way to change the habits so many of us get into. Just because something has no longer become useful or convenient to us, doesn't mean it couldn't be for someone else. The rules are simple, everything we get will either be free, or purchased at garage sales/flea markets/thrift stores (those items costing no more than $20). It's a challenge to try and get as many of the things we need using these guidelines, but already we have garnered a microwave, a number of kitchen items and a new computer desk. Because we won't be setting up the desk until we get moved in, the picture will have to wait.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Beginning

Today we began the project in earnest. It's 11 days until we move into the apartment. We have on hand one queen size mattress, some bedding, a few towels/dishtowels. A table/desk and two computers. A couple of coffee cups, a tv, a stereo, a clock radio,tall file cabinet, exercise bike, vcr, dvd player. Digital camera and a set of barbeque tools (no barbeque) Assorted art supplies/paintings/yarn/cds.
We've been given a leather loveseat thingy, tv stand and hoover spin/washer.(my fav for doing laundry)
Today from freecycle the above. Sheet set, pink colander, small veg chopper, bundt pan, muffin tins(2), cake pan, expresso maker, pyrex measuring cups, casserole, round pyrex pan, 7 saucers, 2 bowls,water bottle, 2 plastic cutting boards, one glass cutting board ( counter protector? nice tomato!) cat rug , microwave! and assorted spices. A kettle. Wow, that's alot. Someone on freecycle is combining homes so were happy to have this excess collected.
My feelings on the project today: I was delighted that the donators totally got the idea of the thing! Most people that we've shared it with think it's creative, exciting and hopefully making a point.
I'm so looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. ~laurie